Eagle River Fishing Report: December

Our warm weather has finally come to an end and it is actually starting to feel like winter. Flows on the Eagle are hovering around 60 CFS in Avon which is very low making the trout easy to find. There are not a lot of hiding spots at this level. Fish have moved to there winter lies and are not moving very far to take a fly. Earlier in the week we saw a few rising fish but for the most part you are going to be staring at a Bobber to catch fish. Deeper slower pools is where you are going to find the majority of Trout. My Nymph Rig has been an egg and midge which I will not change until march. The egg has not been getting a ton of attention but I feel that the trout see it which leads their eyes to the trailing midge. That may or may not be true but it makes me feel better when fishing. Add weight if you are not hitting bottom, the fish have been deep and you might have to hit them in the nose on certain days.

Mr. Moorman found a few big ones before the snow came in.

Good flies to have for winter fly fishing on the Eagle River are; Eggs (Chartreuse, Oregon Cheese, White), Midges (Black, Red, Creme, Olive), Buckskin Caddis, BWO emergers, Jig hook comp flies.

The jig hook comp flies are a great way to add weight to your rig with out pinching on additional sinkers. Try running an egg as your lead fly trailed by a #18 comp fly (black), from the eye of the jig hook tie and additional 12 ” of tippet and attach a midge pattern of your choice. This will allow you to effectively cover deeper water columns. It will also give you one more fly to get tangled on.

Keep in mind that winter fishing can be very slow and we often only have short windows of opportunity. Those opportunities are going to be during the warmest part of the day. There is no need to be on the water early and no reason to stay late. Be persistent and you will be successful.

Colorado River: Fishing Report

The fishing on the Colorado River has been hit and miss. We have been floating the middle Colorado River from Horse Creek to Cottonwood and I’ll give it a 6 out of 10. Black streamers, Eggs and Griffith Gnats have all been working. But, the streamers are out performing the nymphs and dries. We are finding fish in some pretty odd spots with the streamer so be sure to make a long cast and strip it longer than you normally would. A lot of fish are far off the bank in the deeper water. Many of our streamer eats have been in about 6 feet of slow moving water.Vary your stripping speed. The fish are cooperating better with a little slower strip. If the wind stays down, which is a lot to ask on the Colorado, there have been many fish on the surface. Slow moving water, back eddies and foam lines are giving us shots with dry bugs. BWO’s and midges will get a look. Try to be stealthy when approaching a pod of rising trout. A bunch of noise in the boat, scraping an oar on the bottom and a poor cast will put rising fish down for good. Keep that in mind.

We have been staying away from the Upper Colorado River due to all the shade provided by the canyons. The lower section of the Colorado has been hit and miss as well. As our weather starts to cool off our float trips will head west towards Glenwood and New Castle. Those sections of the Colorado River can be great but it can also be slow. It all depends on the day. Happy Thanksgiving.

Eagle River Fly Fishing Report: November

The Eagle River has been fishing great, in fact I cannot think of a month that is hasn’t been fishing great..yet. The warmer weather has been bringing a lot of fish to the surface during the warmest parts of the day. Mostly midges on the menu and a variety of adult midge patterns are hooking fish up top. If the wind is blowing and the fish are not showing their beaks a shallow nymph rig is finding fish in their usual haunts. Eggs, Baetis and Midges are all putting a bend in the stick. The streamer bite has tapered off a bit but if you are willing to put in the time you will find some trout to chase. Smaller Slump Busters have been my favorite, especially natural.

Nymphing with eggs and baetis patterns has been a good way to find trout in deeper water.

There is no need to be on the river early. Sleep in and enjoy your coffee. I have been getting on the river around 10:30 -11 am and staying on the water until 3ish. Fish have been starting to rise around 1pm and will stay up as long as the wind isn’t too strong. The extended weather forecast looks pleasant with more sunny days on the horizon. We are still offering 2 for one specials on our Vail Rod & Gun Club water so take advantage and get up here before its too cold. Happy Thanksgiving.

Eagle River Report: Fall Midges

The dry fly fishing on the Eagle River has been excellent this whole month. The bugs keep getting a little smaller but the fish keep rising. “There is no need to stare at a bobber when you can watch fish eat your dry.” The magic hour for dry fly activity has been around 1pm until 4pm. Midges are dominating the scene with the occasional Blue Wing popping off. The hot bugs have been a mixed bag of small midge patterns in gray, black and rust colors. We have been using a larger Adams as our lead fly then trailing smaller midge patterns behind. Occasionally the fish are taking the Adams but for the most part it is acting as our visual target. Griffith’s Gnats and Renegades are also good & easy to see patterns to be drifting down the river. If you must get on the river before noon try moving streamers. Olive and Natural Colored Slump Busters have been all you need. The streamer bite has been hot and cold but when its on the fish have been hitting it as soon as it lands. We are finding some healthy rainbows in shallow water. It has been awesome. As the cooler weather starts to move in expect your dry fly window to get smaller and smaller. Until then take advantage of the great fishing on the Eagle River right now.

An absolute stunning Rainbow Trout from the Eagle River.

Every once and a while we are bumping into some of those giant Rainbow Trout that were stocked before the World Fly Fishing Championship. These fish are certainly out of place in the Eagle River but are a wild battle on light tippet in skinny water. We found one last weekend and it put on quite a display for our guest Cody Burgdorff.

We are still doing guided trips and offering 2 for 1 rod fees on our Vail Rod & Gun Club Lease. If you have never fished this section of the Eagle River now is an excellent time to see it shine. Give us a call to book your trip and for last minute fishing reports. 970.368.5959.

Flies to have in your box – foam back RS2 (black, grey), Chocolate Thunder, Zebra Midge, Mayhem Midge, Adams, Griffiths Gnat, Renegade, Roy Palm Emerger, Flash Bang Midge, Slump Buster (Olive, Natural)

Roaring Fork Fishing Report

We have had boats on the Roaring Fork for the last 4 days and the fishing has been great. The streamer fishing has been getting a lot of attention from Carbondale to Two Rivers. Olive, Black, White and Tan Colors have all been working. Whatever color you have confidence in fish it. Be sure to cover a lot of water with your streamers for best results. If you are fishing from a boat make long casts to the bank and move those big bugs through the shallow pocket water and riffles. You will be amazed at where you will find some great fish. Nymph fishing the deeper holes with midges and BWO nymphs is also putting fishing in the basket. Be sure to adjust your depth depending on water speed. Larger Caddis Nymphs and Micro Mays are making good lead flies in a double nymph rig. There is still construction in Glenwood Springs so expect some delays getting to the river. This traffic will be around until the end of the year and possibly longer. Try to plan your travel accordingly.

Colorado River Fishing Report : Blue Wings

I have been fishing the Upper Colorado River for the last couple days and it has been worth the drive. I have been putting on around 10:30 and should be pushing it back to about 11:30. The water temps are cold and fish are not getting active until noonish. Pump House was a tough code for me to crack 2 days ago. We caught fish on midges, BWO nymphs and RS2’s but it was spotty. Fish started to rise around 12:30 and we caught them on midge dries in the soft slicks. The streamer bite had potential but I did not have the talent in the boat to give you an accurate report. Flows are at great levels hovering around 1100 cfs in Kremling which is a little high for this time of year but we’ll take it. Keep checking the water gauge before you go, if we get a huge fluctuation in water flow fishing will turn off for a day. Yesterday (10-17-17) we floated state to 2 bridges and it was absolutely bonkers from 12 – 4 pm. A solid BWO hatch brought a lot of fish to the surface and we threw double dries all the way to the boat ramp. A size 18-20 Parachute Adams and a good drift was all we really needed. Before the heavy hatch adult midge patterns were also taking fish on the surface. The traffic has been non existent and it is a great time to be on the Colorado River.The Brown Trout are staging to spawn and there are some big fish on the move. If you see any Redds be sure to stay clear of them and do not drop your anchor in these areas.

As the temps start to drop we will be heading further West to float the lower sections of the Colorado River near Glenwood Springs. We have been avoiding that area due to the heavy construction traffic in Glenwood. We will have reports on that section soon.

Fall Streamer Fishing: Eagle River

Fall fishing has been excellent no matter where you go. We have been spending time on the Colorado and Eagle Rivers and both are fishing great. We are seeing a lot of big fish on both rivers eating dries and streamers. This is a great time to visit the vail valley. The colors are beautiful, there are discounts at most of the restaurants and the fishing is outstanding. We are still offering our 2 for 1 private water rod fees and are also offering free lodging for those who book 3 or more guided days. Take advantage of these shoulder season rates.

With the recent rain/snow fall the Eagle River has bumped up significantly and turned the lower river very off color. Expect the Eagle to level out over the next couple days and fishing to pick back up. Until the recent cold front the Eagle was fishing off the charts. Midges, BWO’s and Tricos were bringing fish to the surface throughout the day. The streamer bite was also keeping the net wet with a lot of aggressive brown trout eager to chase down streamer patters. I would expect the fishing to continue to be great later this week once the water cleans up. The weather is forecasted to warm up tomorrow and be nice for the remainder of the week. Give us a call, lets go fishing.

Hoppers Love The Heat: Eagle River

The fly fishing on the Eagle River has been outstanding. Water levels are very low due to lack of rain but our cooler nights are keeping water temps chilly until early afternoon. Dry dropper has been an excellent technique for fishing faster shallow riffles. My go to set up has been Chubby Chernobyl with a grey RS2 and Black Rainbow Warrior dropped off the bend. While the majority of fish have been keying in on the droppers we are still getting them to eat the Hopper.

Fish are starting to rise around 11 am and are keyed in on small BWO’s. Shallow slicks are a good place to find fish sipping on small dries. The crowds have died down opening up some of the public access on the Eagle River. Red Canyon has been a fun spot to fish with a lot of fast oxygenated water holding plenty big trout. If you are not getting much action on the above mentioned set-up try lengthening your dropper depth and switching out the RS2 for a Chocolate Thunder.

When this fish ate a hopper off the surface our Jaws Dropped.

For those of you who would like to fish on our Vail Rod & Gun Club lease we are now offering 2 for 1 rod fees. This is a significant savings and gets you on the best private water on the Eagle River. We strategically rest this water to ensure excellent fly fishing on all beats. Last week one of our guests, Noah, got the Eagle River slam on our private water. He successfully landed a Rainbow, Brown and Cutthroat Trout all on dry flies. It was a great day. Best times to be on the Eagle River have been between 9am and 2 pm. Fishing should remain on fire until the colder weather starts to creep in. Then it will just be good… 🙂 Give us a call and book your fall fly fishing trip on the Eagle River. 970-368-5959. See you on the water.


Eagle River: Dry Dropper August

The end of August has been hot and dry. Despite the high temps the fly fishing has been good most of the day. The Eagle River has dropped into excellent wading condition allowing anglers to access most of the river by foot. The clarity is also great forcing us to use 6x on occasion. Especially for rising fish. We are still seeing some Caddis coming off sporadically throughout the day but the fish are keyed in on smaller Midges and Baetis imitations above and below the surface. Although the smaller fare seem to be getting the most attention trout will still take a large hopper imitation off the surface. With the lower water and higher temps we are finding the majority of fish in the faster riffles about 2-4 feet deep. For this reason a dry dropper set-up has been a great way to hook fish without staring at a bobber. Rainbow Warriors, Chocolate thunder, RS2’s and more of the like have all been working well under a Chubby Chernobyl. We have been fishing a lot of jig hook patterns which seem to reduce the amount of snags when fishing shallower water. Be sure to cover a run thoroughly before moving on. You will be surprised on where you will find the fish. Some of the fastest water is holding feeding trout. As we move into September expect to see more Blue Wing Olives and October Caddis.

Most of the summer crowds have left town and it is a great time to be on the river. The Brown trout will start to get a little more feisty as the days begin getting shorter and the water gets cooler. Once this happens the streamer bite will pick up and you can find big aggressive fish willing to hunt down your fly. Don’t miss fall fly fishing in Colorado. We are taking bookings into October and look forward to fishing with you.

Atlantic Salmon 2017 Trip In Review: Gaspé Peninsula, Canada

The fish of a thousand cast is what they are commonly referred to, but my experience tells me it is more like five thousand casts. But, if you enjoy casting, conversation and beautiful scenery, fly fishing for Atlantic Salmon is for you.  The Gaspé Peninsula is home to many Atlantic Salmon Rivers but our crew spends time on the York, Dartmouth and St. Jean Rivers. All holding pools are in a lottery system which are drawn in a pre-season draw or 48 hour draw. If you are not successful in drawing any pools you fish the York River which is called open. This is not a bad thing. In fact many of our anglers hooked and landed fish in the open water each day. Regardless of where you end up fishing you will see Salmon in many of the pools some of which are close to 30 lbs. The water is air clear and the scenery is outstanding. We work with Ann Smith who is the owner of Quebec Sporting. She is a wonderful hard working women who tries her hardest to get you on the best Atlantic Salmon pools.

This year our trip consisted of 7 anglers, some of which had fished the area before and others it was their first time. We fished 5 days and landed 5 Atlantic Salmon and lost several others. it is heart breaking to lose a fish that you have tried to hard to hook. But, feeling the powerful tug or watching them eat a dry fly is the most exciting. Getting your picture taken is a bonus. Our lodging sits on the banks of Gaspé Bay which offers stunning views and the ability to cast at Striped Bass during the right tides.

Next June we will be back on the peninsula pursuing this magnificent fish and would like you to join. If you have never fly fished for Atlantic Salmon this is an excellent and affordable way to cut your teeth. Send us an email to info@coloradanglingcompany.com if you are interested.