Colorado River Fishing Reports

Colorado River: Fishing Report

The fishing on the Colorado River has been hit and miss. We have been floating the middle Colorado River from Horse Creek to Cottonwood and I’ll give it a 6 out of 10. Black streamers, Eggs and Griffith Gnats have all been working. But, the streamers are out performing the nymphs and dries. We are finding fish in some pretty odd spots with the streamer so be sure to make a long cast and strip it longer than you normally would. A lot of fish are far off the bank in the deeper water. Many of our streamer eats have been in about 6 feet of slow moving water.Vary your stripping speed. The fish are cooperating better with a little slower strip. If the wind stays down, which is a lot to ask on the Colorado, there have been many fish on the surface. Slow moving water, back eddies and foam lines are giving us shots with dry bugs. BWO’s and midges will get a look. Try to be stealthy when approaching a pod of rising trout. A bunch of noise in the boat, scraping an oar on the bottom and a poor cast will put rising fish down for good. Keep that in mind.

We have been staying away from the Upper Colorado River due to all the shade provided by the canyons. The lower section of the Colorado has been hit and miss as well. As our weather starts to cool off our float trips will head west towards Glenwood and New Castle. Those sections of the Colorado River can be great but it can also be slow. It all depends on the day. Happy Thanksgiving.

Colorado River Fishing Report : Blue Wings

I have been fishing the Upper Colorado River for the last couple days and it has been worth the drive. I have been putting on around 10:30 and should be pushing it back to about 11:30. The water temps are cold and fish are not getting active until noonish. Pump House was a tough code for me to crack 2 days ago. We caught fish on midges, BWO nymphs and RS2’s but it was spotty. Fish started to rise around 12:30 and we caught them on midge dries in the soft slicks. The streamer bite had potential but I did not have the talent in the boat to give you an accurate report. Flows are at great levels hovering around 1100 cfs in Kremling which is a little high for this time of year but we’ll take it. Keep checking the water gauge before you go, if we get a huge fluctuation in water flow fishing will turn off for a day. Yesterday (10-17-17) we floated state to 2 bridges and it was absolutely bonkers from 12 – 4 pm. A solid BWO hatch brought a lot of fish to the surface and we threw double dries all the way to the boat ramp. A size 18-20 Parachute Adams and a good drift was all we really needed. Before the heavy hatch adult midge patterns were also taking fish on the surface. The traffic has been non existent and it is a great time to be on the Colorado River.The Brown Trout are staging to spawn and there are some big fish on the move. If you see any Redds be sure to stay clear of them and do not drop your anchor in these areas.

As the temps start to drop we will be heading further West to float the lower sections of the Colorado River near Glenwood Springs. We have been avoiding that area due to the heavy construction traffic in Glenwood. We will have reports on that section soon.

Colorado Fly Fishing Report: Eagle & Colorado River

For the last 4 days we have been sitting in the middle of the boat listening to streamers whiz by our heads. We have also be staring at the bobber goat nut more than we’d like to admit. We got excited when the Eagle River bumped up over 300 cfs but got a little butt hurt when it jumped again over 400. Despite the wild weather, rising water levels and gusty winds the fly fishing has been pretty darn good. If you can be one of the first boats down the Eagle and have the ability to hit all the pot holes along the bank, the streamer fishing will┬ámake you happy. Otherwise the goat nut is something that you will have to employ to find those pesky trouts. It has been a guessing game with the fluctuating water levels. One day they will clobber a Pats Rubber Leg and they next they wont touch it. The most consistent nymph we have found is the Barr’s Flashback BWO Emerger & Soft Hackle PT. The BWO hatch has been solid but not a lot of fish coming to the top. I bet yesterday would have been good on the Eagle but we opted for a slower pace on the Upper Colorado. The BWO’s poured off up there as well but again not much action on the surface. It felt good to be back on the big river steering the hard boat through the Canyon. We take for granted how beautiful it is up there, so be sure to look around and┬átake it all in. Hot bugs up there were Pats, Worm (Cough Cough), Barrs, Caddis, Egg and Black Sculpzilla. Of course all of this will change as the season get warmer but its a good place to start. Give us a shout if you wanna run the Eagle before it gets real muddy. We still have a one person float special rocking right now.

We love those Colorado River Brown Trout.