Once you find a fly fishing guide that you like, you will stick with them forever and trust them to help plan your fly fishing travel adventures. We are fortunate enough to have clients that will endorse that statement and after fly fishing Colorado with us, have joined us traveling on our Fly Fishing Destination Trips. Each year we bring anglers from around the country to remote destinations for a chance at catching fish like; Atlantic Salmon, Steelhead, Native Brook Trout, Tarpon and More. Join us on our next fly fishing travel adventure and see whats out there.

Why Travel With Us?

Relationships – Colorado Angling Company hosts have spent many years traveling to several different destinations in order to find the right places for our clients. We have created strong relationships with owners, managers, and guides in order to make sure your expectations are met. We have confidence from past experiences that we are working with some of the best guides, lodges and outfitters in the business. The fly fishing at our chosen destinations are world class and our guest are excited to return year after year.

Experience – Having traveled extensively around the country and world in search of incredible fly fishing destinations, we know exactly what is expected of our clients. We only offer destination trips that we have personally experienced. Our the passion, experiences, and understanding of the fisheries allows us to offer fly fishing destination trips that are right for you. Customer satisfaction is our main goal when planning a destination trip. Our host will work with you answer any questions you may have so you choose the right fly fishing travel experience. Each year we travel to new locations to experience new fisheries with the expecation of bringing our guests back. As we move forward expect our destination travel program to expand.