Atlantic Salmon Fly Fishing: Gaspe Peninsula, Quebec

Angler releasing a large bright St. Jean River Atlantic Salmon

St. Jean River Atlantic Salmon

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Join our group Atlantic Salmon fly fishing trip to Canada venturing to the Gaspe Peninsula in pursuit of Atlantic Salmon on the York, Dartmouth and St. Jean Rivers. These rivers are world renowned Atlantic Salmon fly fishing rivers and just happen to be some of the clearest rivers in the world. This is an incredible fly fishing trip that you must check off your fly fishing bucket list. Referred to as the fish of a thousand casts, Atlantic Salmon are an incredible fish to pursue with a fly rod. These dime bright fish enter the river systems in May and venture upstream to spawn in the fall, when they take on the color of the surrounding foliage. The rivers you fish is dependent on a draw system that takes place at the beginning of the year. This lottery system determines what beats of water (pools) you will fish for a given week. For this reason you must book this trip in advance for a chance at fishing some of the best Atlantic Salmon Pools on each river.

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St. Jean River Gaspe Quebec


We like to refer Atlantic Salmon Fly Fishing as “Gentlemen Fishing.” You will be swinging Angler showing a York River large Atlantic Salmontraditional wet fly patterns such as Green Highlanders and Tiger Ghosts amongst others as well as dead drifting large Bombers over fish that you can see. Once you make your first past through a pool your fellow angler steps in and tries his/her luck and the rotation continues. Sometimes it just takes a fly change to entice an Atlantic Salmon to rise to the fly. As mentioned above, the water is so clear that you can see fish with the naked eye and the guides will also use underwater view finders that spot fish you cannot see. There are few things as exciting as watching a larger Atlantic Salmon rise from the bottom to inhale a dead drifted dry fly. It is not uncommon to go a day or two with out hooking a fish, but having the ability to see the fish and watch them leap up waterfalls is enough to keep you engaged to the bitter end. This is why Atlantic Salmon are referred to as a fish of a thousand casts, and believe us you will certainly make a thousand casts. Fish average between 12-15 pounds with larger fish in the 20’s mixed in. Atlantic Salmon are incredibly strong and acrobatic making them difficult to land. Be prepared for an amazing battle once you hook one of these remarkable fish.Releasing a Dartmouth River Atlantic Salmon


We hang our hats at a waterfront cabin that comfortably sleeps 8 anglers. The cabin contains a full kitchen where our private chef prepares all your meals from fresh, local ingredients. We promise you, the food is excellent and you will not go hungry. Clean linens and full maid service is provided and a washer/dryer is available. There is also an outdoor fire pit where you can relax with your favorite cocktail reliving the days adventures and trying to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights.


Many great fly fishing destinations are not easy to get to and the Gaspe, Peninsula is no exception. Flights from Denver generally travel through Toronto to Montreal then to Gaspe. If you do not mind driving you can fly to Maine (PWM) and make the 10 hour drive North with us. You can also get a private jet into the Gaspe Airport. Regardless of how you decide to get there let us help you make your travel arrangements. A good way to break up the trip is to spend a couple days Fly Fishing in Maine prior to making the trek further North.


Our days start very early on the Gaspe Peninsula. We like to be out the door by 4:30am which is Anglers admiring a York River Atlantic Salmonearly by anyones standards. But we are so far east that the sun is peaking over the horizon well before 4am and we want to be on the water before the sun gets too high. Breakfast will be ready for you prior to your departure as well as a cooler full of riverside provisions. There are two different options for fishing during the day. Some anglers prefer to fish until noon and return to the cabin for a nap before returning to the river in the afternoon for the evening bite. Others prefer to fish hard until 4 or 5pm then return for the day. Regardless of how you prefer to fish we can accommodate. After your day of fishing you will return to the Cabin for appetizers and cocktails while our chef prepares dinner for the evening. You will also receive your pool assignment for the following day with a few Atlantic Salmon flies.


The trip includes the following:

  • 5 Guided Fishing Days (2 anglers per guide)
  • Lodging
  • Meals
  • River Access
  • Daily Transportation
  • Fishing Licenses

NOT included in the trip:

  • Gratuities
  • Alcohol
  • Transportation to Gaspe

Due to the high volume of requests this trip is a first come first serve and must be booked in advance to secure your spot in the lottery. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking. Please contact us for 2018 Bookings, Pricing & Availability.


Angler preparing to release St. Jean River Atlantic Salmon

St. Jean River Atlantic Salmon. This was an incredible day. After releasing this fish we hooked another one at the head of the run.

Be sure to have a good pair of breathable waders, felt soled boots and a rain jacket. The weather conditions can vary depending on the time of year but you can usually count on a rain shower or two. A single hand 8-9 weight rod with a good reel and floating line will work on all of the rivers. We also like to bring RIO MOW tips to get the fly a little lower in heavier water. Two-handed rods are nice to have but not necessary. An 11 foot 8 weight switch rod is a good one to have in your quiver and can help save your casting arm. Six, Eight and Ten pound Maxima tippet as well as some 12 to 15 lb class is good to carry although our guides will have some if you cannot find it. Fluro-Carbon leaders in 10-12 foot lengths are what we typically use in the above mentioned weights. Hemostats, nippers and dry fly floatant are needed as well as a variety of flies. You will receive a couple flies each day that accompany that river you will be fishing but it is recommended to have the following patterns. Tiger Ghost, Silver Rat, Allies Shrimp, Black Ghost, Green Highlander, Blue Charm, Bombers, Black Butt, Skunk, Undertaker and others. If you cannot find any of the above mentioned let us know and we’ll handle it.

Spey angler hooked up with Atlantic Salmon on the York River

Hooked up on the York River. This was an explosive grab in about 3 feet of water.

Spey angler fishing Dog Run on the York River

Just before the take. Dog Run on the York River.

Spey anglers admiring a large, fresh York River Atlantic Salmon

York River Atlantic Salmon. This fish bumped our flies 3 different times before finally committing to the “Vincent Special.”

Anglers admiring Dartmouth River Atlantic Salmon near Les Falls

Dartmouth River Atlantic Salmon. The Les Falls section of the Dartmouth is amazing. You can see multiple Atlantic Salmon jumping as they try to conquer the falls in the gorge.

Angler showing off a dry fly caught Atlantic Salmon from the York River

York River Atlantic Salmon. After numerous casts with a bomber this fish came to the surface and inhaled the bomber. Watching a fish this size come from the bottom to eat a dry fly will surely test your nerves.

Angler shows a Dartmouth River Atlantic Salmon

After a testing battle on the Dartmouth River this Atlantic Salmon was finally cradled in a calm pool before escaping thru the rapids below.

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