Colorado RIVER

The Colorado River offers beautiful stretches of water and our Colorado River Fly Fishing Trips are some of our guest favorites that will have you in awe from the moment we put the boat in the water. Not only can the fishing be spectacular on this iconic river, but the scenery is outstanding and worth the trip in of itself. 

The Colorado River is the perfect river for novice anglers who are just getting started in the sport of fly fishing. If you are an experienced fly angler the Colorado River has plenty of fish for you to try and fool with nymphs, streamers and dry fly patterns.


Depending on water levels prior to runoff, the early Spring fly fishing on the Colorado can be excellent. Stoneflies begin to move around at this time and we also see good numbers of Blue Winged Olives on the river. June brings the arrival of run off and with it the famed Salmonfly Hatch. While this hatch is amazing, the river is generally very high and off colored which can often make the fishing difficult. This does not keep us from trying to find trout that are willing to take large Salmonfly imitations off the surface. Once the Salmonflies have finished their cycle and the water begins to drop, fishing remains great until November when water levels start to fall.

The best known hatch on the Colorado River is the Salmonfly Hatch which starts around June. During this hatch, the river is off color and high, but the fish eagerly slam large salmon fly imitations. This hatch can run from June to July. 





In addition to the remarkable Salmon Fly hatch, spring brings excellent Blue Winged Olive (BWO) hatches, providing anglers with the opportunity to cast small dries for sizable trout. As the season progresses, larger bugs make their appearance, such as Green Drakes and Golden Stones, signaling the onset of summer. Throughout the summer months, Yellow Sallies, PMD’s, and Tricos become prevalent, offering a diverse array of insect activity to entice trout and ensuring a rewarding fishing experience.

COLORADO RIVER Sections & Character

The iconic Colorado River is an incredible river system that every angler should put on their bucket list. While there are multiple stretches to float, our guides spend most of their time on the beautiful upper Colorado River sections near Kremling, CO. The slower moving water of these sections flow along grassy cut banks offering excellent Dry Fly Fishing during the Summer, while the faster moving canyon sections are ideal for throwing big articulated streamer patterns. Due to the size of the Colorado River, floating is an ideal method to cover the water and our experienced Colorado River fly fishing guides know it well to ensure you get the full experience of fly fishing the Colorado River.

Early spring brings exciting fly fishing opportunities on the Colorado River. As water levels gradually rise through June and July, anglers witness the incredible Salmon Fly hatch, a spectacle not to be missed. After the Salmon Fly hatch concludes, the fishing remains excellent through November. Once conditions are just right, we set out on our float trips, skillfully navigating the river’s technical stretches. This provides anglers with the ideal chance to present a combination of streamers and various dry flies to fish that have limited pressure, ensuring an exciting and fulfilling fishing excursion.

For those seeking an exhilarating fly fishing adventure characterized by technical precision and fast-paced action, the Colorado River beckons. The thrill of a float trip on this iconic river promises an unforgettable experience. After your Colorado River fly fishing trip, take a moment to relax and enjoy a riverside cold beverage while our guides take care of gear.