The Low Down: Eagle River Fly Fishing Report

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Rainbow Trout Eagle River, CO

The Low Down: Eagle River Fly Fishing Report

This Eagle River Fly Fishing Report is brought to you by TRIB NUTS, courtesy of Bobber Talk.



Vail Colorado is a quiet place right now. Not only is the fly fishing excellent but there are some fabulous deals in town. Restaurants are flinging their half off specials, rooms are a bit cheaper and all the ski gear you can buy is 30-40% off. But I am not staying up to tell you about all that mumbo jumbo. If you found this post looking for screaming deals on ski gear I need to talk to my web developer about his SEO approach.  Here is the local fly fishing report as of today. The Eagle River has dropped significantly over the past 10 days and while we can still get a boat down it we are limited to one angler. That being said the wade fishing has gotten a little easier with the drop in flows. I have been seeing some Caddis sporadically flying around and if you put a Caddis imitation under a bobber it is getting some attention. But mostly it is the BWO train that is going to get your rod bent. 3 o’clock seems to be the magic dry fly hour but I would expect that to get a little earlier as we move into warmer weather. Cloudy days are best to find rising fish, but if you are seeing heads, throw dries no matter the weather. Right now the Eagle River is gin clear to Wolcott then it is picking up a little color below Climbing Rock but still excellent clarity. “Just means you can use heavier tippet brah.” as some would say. We haven’t been on the Colorado in the last 10 days but I assure you it is still there. We are doing a trip up there tomorrow and will report back on how it goes. Word on the street is that the Fork is fishing lights out in the afternoon. Double dries from WB – Two Rivers. Unfortunately my schedule has not allowed me to be on the river that late but I will take Plant Heads word for it.


Today we did a little tying at the Cabin and after constantly looking out the window waiting for fish to rise we put on a bobber (we felt shame) and tried a couple of Bob’s creations. Trib Nuts was the hot ticket and I promise that you cannot find this fly anywhere. It is so filthy that it makes a San Juan look like a size 24 zebra midge.  Well ol’ Trib Nuts found it’s way into the mouth of a left over war horse that brought us down about 75 yards of river. We finally got the monster into the basket after about a 10 minute goat rodeo.


I got a surprise for all you Eagle River fly fishermen out there and when I roll it out you will be very excited. We still have some specials going on right now so if you have a fishing itch that needs a scratch give us a call and we’ll take good care of you.