Eagle River Colorado: Private Water Fly Fishing

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Eagle River Private Water Fly Fishing Report

We had a great St. Patricks day on the Eagle River with the McCoy boys from San Antonio,TX. It was there second time fly fishing and they quickly got the hang of casting, mending and setting the hook. We were super excited to get Steve and his 14 year old Cam into some great trout and show them a fun fly fishing experience. There were quite a few trout that got away but those are the fish that will keep you coming back. Steve had the luck of the Irish on his side when he landed the trout pictured below on a #20 purple zebra midge. Steve hooked this trout on his second cast of the day only to lose it after a 15 minute battle. An hour later he was able to hook this fish again on the same fly in a different section of the run totally un assisted. We netted the fish after another lengthly tug of war and remove the small midge pattern in the corner of the trouts mouth.


As a teenager fly fishing can be a tough activity to focus on and I remember loosing interest when my father would take me on the river. This was not the case for 14 year old Camden . He did a great job from start to finish. He was making bomber casts  in the gusty afternoon wind, had a great hook set and stayed engaged the whole day. He hooked some incredible trout that won the battle but was able to land quite a few before the day was over. Thanks a bunch for joining us boys, we look forward to seeing you again.