Eagle River Fishing Report: December

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Mr. Moorman found a few big ones before the snow came in.

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Our warm weather has finally come to an end and it is actually starting to feel like winter. Flows on the Eagle are hovering around 60 CFS in Avon which is very low making the trout easy to find. There are not a lot of hiding spots at this level. Fish have moved to there winter lies and are not moving very far to take a fly. Earlier in the week we saw a few rising fish but for the most part you are going to be staring at a Bobber to catch fish. Deeper slower pools is where you are going to find the majority of Trout. My Nymph Rig has been an egg and midge which I will not change until march. The egg has not been getting a ton of attention but I feel that the trout see it which leads their eyes to the trailing midge. That may or may not be true but it makes me feel better when fishing. Add weight if you are not hitting bottom, the fish have been deep and you might have to hit them in the nose on certain days.


Good flies to have for winter fly fishing on the Eagle River are; Eggs (Chartreuse, Oregon Cheese, White), Midges (Black, Red, Creme, Olive), Buckskin Caddis, BWO emergers, Jig hook comp flies.


The jig hook comp flies are a great way to add weight to your rig with out pinching on additional sinkers. Try running an egg as your lead fly trailed by a #18 comp fly (black), from the eye of the jig hook tie and additional 12 ” of tippet and attach a midge pattern of your choice. This will allow you to effectively cover deeper water columns. It will also give you one more fly to get tangled on.


Keep in mind that winter fishing can be very slow and we often only have short windows of opportunity. Those opportunities are going to be during the warmest part of the day. There is no need to be on the water early and no reason to stay late. Be persistent and you will be successful.