Eagle River Fly Fishing Report: August 18th 2018

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Eagle River Fishing Report August 18th

The Eagle River is 37 percent of its normal average flow. Despite the abnormal water flow the fly fishing on the Eagle River is quite good early in the morning. Hoppers and midges are the main fare and fish are eager to take both off the surface before the sun gets too high. Brown, Olive and Black Chubby’s have been excellent fly patterns to skate off the banks and across shallow riffles. Try trailing a small Griffiths Gnat or Roy Palm Midge Emerger behind an attractor if you are seeing rolling fish in slower water. Nymphing with smaller midges and baetis is getting attention in the deepest moving water you can find. Zebra Midges (olive, black, cream), Chocolate Thunder, Black RS2’s, Rainbow Warriors, Woodcutter Baetis and Bling midges. Start fishing on the Eagle River early and get off it early is what we are recommend to all anglers. Our cooler nights are helping water temps but we really need more rain to make things better. Be sure to carry a thermometer to get an accurate water temperature. 65 degrees is the cut off.


Colorado Parks and Wildlife has issued a Voluntary Closure after 2pm on the Eagle River west of Wolcott, CO.  We ask that you reel in your line and give the fish a break in the afternoon.  If you have any last minute questions feel free to give us a call 970-368-5959.