Eagle River Fly Fishing Report: December 10th 2019

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The Aspen Tree Joey took out was dead anyway. It also made for some great firewood.

Enjoy your Breakfast

Sleep in, watch cartoons and enjoy your coffee before heading to the Eagle River. Overnight lows have put some slush on the river so there is no need to get out there before Eleven A.M. Despite the colder nights our daytime highs have been near 40 and even warmer down valley. Today the river looks great, and is wide open. However we did crash the truck into the tree at the cabin so the roads are slick in some areas. Despite a minor dent in the licensed plate the fishing was good. The Trout on the Eagle River have found their winter lies in the slower and deeper pools but can occasionally be found in the shallow slicks warming up in the sun. At least thats what we think they are doing. Midges have become the dominant fare and during the warmest parts of the day you can find adult midges flying around. Not quite enough to bring trout to the surface although you may see a trout rise here and there.


Fishing under a bobber is going to be the most productive way to put trout in the basket. Midge fly patters in a variety of colors will do just fine under the surface. However do not hesitate to throw egg patterns and micro stoneflies. Our best Midge Flies have been Red, Cream, Black and Olive between #18-22. Start your nymph rig light and add weight as you need it. The Eagle River is low so adding 4 pieces of shot is not necessary. The forecast is looking good for the next couple days with a front moving in near the end of the week. The river can change quickly during the winter months, especially after a cold front. Feel free to give us a call for last minute fishing reports on the Eagle River. We are still offering discounted rates on our Private Water Fly Fishing Trips if you would like to access some of the best private water on the Eagle River.