Eagle River Fly Fishing Report: October 1st 2019

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Casting to Rising Trout on the Eagle River, CO.

Blue Winged Olives

The Eagle River continues to fish well from top to bottom. Trout are keying in on Blue Winged Olives, Midges and the occasional Caddis. We are finding fish in the shallow riffles, calm edges and slick tail-outs. The dry fly bite has been active from 11 – 2pm. Size 18-20 Adams has been the hot fly during the BWO hatch. If you find a pod of rising fish but do not see any Blue Wings, tie on a Giffiths Gnat or a #20 Royal Wulff. These have both been good flies for trout sipping in the shallow slow moving slicks. These smaller flies can be difficult to see and often requires adding a larger fly in front or back of your midge/ BWO imitation. If you are having difficulty finding your small dry fly, add a #16 tan X- Caddis to the mix. This will help you pick up your flies in all water types. Don’t be surprised if your Caddis imitation gets some attention from fish feeding in shallow riffles.


A hopper dropper set-up has been a good way to hook trout feeding below the surface, but we are no longer getting many hopper takes. The cold nights have slowed down the hopper bite but it is still worth trying. Smaller Hoppers in Brown, Black and olive are good colors to run on your Hopper Dropper set-up. Chocolate Thunder, RS2, Woodcutter Baetis, Barrs BWO Emerger, Olive Quill Jig and Pheasant Tails are all working well under a Hopper or Indicator. Be sure to adjust your weight and depth depending on where you are fishing.



Expect the Eagle River to fish well until we get real cold. Until then enjoy the fall weather and take advantage of the great fly fishing on the Eagle River.