Winter Fishing Eagle River: Finding Warmer Water

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Eagle River Rainbow Trout on our private water last week.

Winter Fly Fishing: Eagle River

Chilly nights and shorter days have the majority of the Eagle River buttoned up with ice. There are many fishable portions of the Eagle River during the winter and they are all below water treatment facilities. If you are up here for the Holidays or make the drive up and realize that the skiing is terrible you can still find some spots to fish.



While there are plenty of pockets and runs to fish in Avon, CO your better options are down valley. Gypsum is a good place to start looking for more water to sink your flies. Slightly warmer temps as well as a water treatment plant keep this section of the Eagle River open most of the winter. Midges and Eggs are still doing the trick below the bobber and when the temps are right we are seeing a decent midge hatch. A few fish are rising during the hatch but not enough to change up the nymph rig. Red, Purple, Cream, Black & Olive Midges are all working well anywhere you can find the right speed and depth. Do not be afraid to fish shallower water either. We are hooking a lot of fish in water about 3-4 feet deep especially during the warmest parts of the day.


We have some open water on our private lease in between Edwards and Wolcott. It has been fishing incredible and worth trying if you are in town. We are still offering discounted rod fees through the winter. Hope to see you on the water. Happy Holidays.