Turks & Caicos Fly Fishing

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Bonefishing Turks & Caicos

Turks & Caicos Fly Fishing

We have been getting a lot of phone calls about fly fishing in the Turks & Caicos and as I sit here looking a falling snow, I can’t help but wish I was fly fishing in the air clear water surrounding the Turks Caicos islands. Many of our customers have planned a DIY Fly Fishing Trips on Turks & Caicos and have some good questions on what to bring, where to go and what to expect. Here are a few fly fishing tips for DIY fishing on the Turks and Caicos Islands.

When fishing a new area, local knowledge is key to success. Be friendly and ask questions. If you have the means to hire a guide do so, but do not bring a GPS and mark all their spots they have found over years of hard work. If hiring a local guide is not in the budget using google earth is a good way to identify potential fly fishing areas. Be sure to check property boundaries and sanctuary areas. What my look like the best spot in the world may be protected by certain laws.

Fly Fishing Turks & Caicos Islands

Much like other remote fly fishing destinations, there are not many places (if any) to purchase fly fishing tackle on Turks & Caicos. Be sure to bring plenty of Bonefish fly patterns, tippet, leaders, rod, reels, and wading boots for your fly fishing trip. A 9 weight rod might seem a little heavy for targeting Bonefish but you will enjoy a little more backbone for the wind and larger fish. Wind is something that you can expect. I would recommend learning how to double haul prior to your trip. This will increase your line speed and allow you to make accurate casts to cruising and tailing Bonefish. While the wind is consistent, there are many locations where you can get on the leeward side and find calmer fly fishing conditions. However, on open flats you are exposed to all conditions and being able to cast 50-60 feet in these elements will increase your success.

Flies in a variety of colors, sink rates and sizes are key to being successful on the flats of Turks & Caicos. We found that Bonefish flies with pink, orange and tan colors worked well while fishing on Provo, North and South Caicos. You will find that many of the Bonefish you encounter are not particularly picky when it comes to your fly pattern(s). When choosing a fly try to match the color of the bottom you are fishing. For example a flat with soft brown/tan colored bottom might be better suited for a fly pattern that is brown or tan in color. While a light sandy colored flat may be better suited for a lighter colored sparsely dressed fly. Having taken that into consideration, make sure you choose a fly that has the proper sink rate for the water you are fishing. Tailing Bonefish that are in 1-3 feet (+/-) of water tend to be a little spookier than a cruising fish in slightly deeper water. For tailing fish, find a fly that will land gently and slowly sink to the bottom without making a loud splash upon presentation. The key is to land your fly in front of the tailing fish #1 – without spooking it and #2- enough time for your fly to sink. While this can be a frustrating and painstaking task, the rewards are worth the effort. Fortunately the flats of Turks & Caicos allow you numerous opportunities (daily) to improve your Bonefishing skills.

Fly Fishing South Caicos Bonefish

Kayaks and SUP’s are an excellent tool to have when fishing in the Turks & Caicos. These portable floatation devices allow anglers to access flats that are just out of reach. In some areas there are deeper channels or cuts that restrict wade anglers from reaching the flats on the other side. This is where a kayak or SUP is an advantage for the DIY fisherman. You can find several places on Provo that offer daily and weekly Kayak and SUP rentals. Some resorts also offer them to their guest but they may not allow you to use them offsite. It is recommended that you check with you lodging before your visit and see what they offer. There are several companies that make inflatable SUP’s that come with a backpack and pump. These SUP’s are very durable and very easy to transport wherever you go. You might find that it is less expensive to purchase an inflatable SUP than it is to rent one for a week.

North Caicos Fly Fishing for Bonefish.

If you are like the majority of traveling fly fishermen, you more than likely have a significant other or family in tow. When you tell your wife that you are going to the islands for a week of fly fishing without her, that generally goes over like a fart in church. Turk & Caicos offers something for the entire family. There are numerous restaurants, beaches and activities to choose from. Deep Sea fishing is a fun way for the whole clan to enjoy a day offshore in the brilliant blue water. Iguana island is a beautiful spot to take the kiddos to see Iguanas roaming along the beach and through the mangroves. There is a sunset/night sail where guests can see underwater glow worms and bioluminescence light up the water below. On Thursday nights there is a fish fry where numerous vendors join together and offer local island cuisine. In addition to the above visitors can enjoy, kitesurfing, kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, para-sailing, island hoping and much more.

Deep Sea Fishing with Grand Slam Charters Turks & Caicos

We will be returning to the Turks & Caicos Islands in 2020 to explore more fly fishing opportunities. As we learn more about this incredible fishery, we will continue to share our experiences with you. Until then we will be practicing our strip set while streamer fishing for trout in Colorado.