Roaring Fork Fishing Reports

Roaring Fork Fishing Report

We have had boats on the Roaring Fork for the last 4 days and the fishing has been great. The streamer fishing has been getting a lot of attention from Carbondale to Two Rivers. Olive, Black, White and Tan Colors have all been working. Whatever color you have confidence in fish it. Be sure to cover a lot of water with your streamers for best results. If you are fishing from a boat make long casts to the bank and move those big bugs through the shallow pocket water and riffles. You will be amazed at where you will find some great fish. Nymph fishing the deeper holes with midges and BWO nymphs is also putting fishing in the basket. Be sure to adjust your depth depending on water speed. Larger Caddis Nymphs and Micro Mays are making good lead flies in a double nymph rig. There is still construction in Glenwood Springs so expect some delays getting to the river. This traffic will be around until the end of the year and possibly longer. Try to plan your travel accordingly.